Dissertation Writing: Every beginning is difficult…

It is part of the ‘learning goals’. It comes to formulation issues. This first step is often the hardest. Therefore, here is some advice.

Free yourself of the idea that you should only have a theme, then create an outline, this run – and finished. The usual commute runs rather the other way around: first come partial written work that should get together then in the course of the dissertation writing process to an argumentative structure, and only then, right at the end write title and introduction

The starting point for finding a topic, is that you have any problem is noticed, i.e. something, that is unlikely from any point of view. For example, something you were wondering, this is you still unclear, or a dot next seminar discussion in the not appear to have been satisfactorily resolved, in which you had a different opinion than the lecturer, or is not in your view, the research show up correctly, etc.

In order to find such a problem that is best to work the seminar script again carefully read individual passages repeatedly goes to this or that reference. (If you have found there is still no problem, you should ask yourself if you really study the subject that interests you.)

Devote yourself to the sections that you have become conspicuous in which you ‘stuck’ are, and try to figure out why you hear about it, what problem is in these passages. Then, try to arrange your results on a higher abstraction level, to formulate of theses and arguments in a sketch (precursor of the breakdown) systematically compile. The argumentative vanishing point of this sketch is your job title. Then go to the written report.

Do not be alarmed if you have to change in the course of drafting the outline several times and formulate the new title. That is a sign that you have invented something new and found out (and not just a surface finding formulated).
Academic learning is research-based learning! Do not go too early in the secondary literature.

You must first ask their own questions and hypotheses have in mind, before you can decide, do what you can and essays which should be discussed there, the established theories of you and included in your work.